The town of Dunajská Streda is located in the heart of Csallóköz 48 km southeast of Bratislava. 12 km from the river Danube to the Hungarian „Medve- Vámosszabadi“ border crossing. The town is inhabited by Hungarians with a population of about 22 000. A few minutes walk away is the most popular and most visited spa center in Csallóköz, which has a healing thermal water and a beneficial effect on musculoskeletal disorders. The area of the bath covers 26 hectares, where 6 pools, 1 children´s pool, 7 slides, massage center, sauna world await visitors. There is also a small lake in the spa area with pedal boating, rowing and kayaking, as well as an inflatable water realm for children – WIBIT.

can be found in the vicinity:

  • the Bősi hydroelectric power plant and the Ondava cruise ship, which provides a kind of tour to Čunovo, Štúrovo, Ostrihom and Budapest with a boat trip (12 km)
  • Čunovo wild water facility which offers activities that increase adrenaline levels in addition to water sports, such as hydrospeed, water jug or paintball (50 km)
  • TARZANIA rope park in Veľký Meder which is 671 m long is one of the longest rope parks in Slovakia (20 km)
  • Jelka watermill which is located in a bend of the banks of the „Little Danube“. It is located on the outskirts of the municipality (29 km)
  • WELTEN golf club in Báč which has an 18-hole practice course with a 30- meter Driving Range (19 km)
  • watermill Dunajský Klátov which is considered as a technical monument. In a picturesque setting on the shores of the „Klátovský Branch“ (9 km)
  • CZAJLIK-RANCH Dunajský Klátov also offers many sports opportunities for those who want to relax (9 km)
  • MALKIA PARK in Orechová Potôň which opened its doors in 2016 and serves primarily as a refuge for abused or unwanted animals (9 km)
  • SLOVAKIA RING in Orechová Potôň is a 6 km long racecourse and is the first and largest closed racetrack in Slovakia (9 km)
  • from Dunajská Streda there is also a possibility to bike to the surrounding villages

from BEKIVI Apartments:
Railway station 10 minutes
Bus station 10 minutes
City centre 10 minutes
Grocery store 10 minutes
MAX shopping mall 20 minutes